A weekend community built around a gravel ride.

Osage Passage offers camping, music, bonfires and 14, 44, 65, 106, and 301-mile gravel routes. Just 25 minutes from Downtown Tulsa, this weekend celebration is about enjoying the community that springs up around the shared experiences of challenges on a bike.

It’s not just about the bike, it’s about all of us.

Why do difficult times bring people together? Strangers become friends. Friends become inseparable. Hardships build instant and enduring communities. The obstacles we seek out are tough to endure, but then become the source of bonding when we recount them after.

Gravel rides are just measured hardships. The shared suffering of these rides create tighter communities.

We always thought, “It would be so great if someone built an event around the instant community that forms around a tough bike event.”

So, yeah. Osage Passage did that.


Why drive 25 minutes outside Tulsa to camp and ride?

How hard are these rides?

Should I bring a mountain bike or a gravel bike to this event?

What tire size should I run?

Will there be COVID temperature checks this year?

Will I have to wear a mask this year during registration or anywhere else at the campground or on the course?

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Who we are

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Our philosophy

Rock is music that has a direct path to the heart and can stay there for a long time, and maybe forever, and also in the head. Rock is an expression of protest, a reflection of conflicting views. It can can create a wonderful world in us.

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We believe that rock music is protecting us from the crazy reality, can give us the freedom that we dreamed of. We are well-known band that we’ve earned such enduring appeal. Rock music lives on in spite of cultural trends.

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