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John Steele Zink founded the John Zink Company in 1929. He purchased 1,800 acres in Osage County 1945 and began operating a cattle ranch on the land.

He passed away in 1973 and his son, John S. (Jack) Zink took over operations of both the company and the ranch. The John Zink Co. was bought by Sunbeam Corporation in 1979 and Jack Zink purchased another company which later became Zeeco, headquartered in Broken Arrow, OK.

Before his passing in 2005, Jack turned control of Zeeco over to his son, Darton. Zeeco currently has the largest combustion research and test facility in the world. In the late 1980s, the Zink Ranch grew substantially as Jack Zink acquired an additional 18,000 acres from creditors of Texas Millionaire Bunker Hunt when Hunt went bankrupt.

Jack was well known for his philanthropy and community volunteerism. In the 1960s, the John Zink Foundation was founded and took over ownership and operation of the ranch.

Camping facilities were created for the Boy Scouts of America and today it is one of the largest and most active Scout camps in the nation. The Girl Scouts also have a facility at the Zink Ranch. Both areas are actively used by boy and girls and their

The Red Castle Gun Club was organized on the land in 1963 and is of the few gun clubs to offer a 1,000-yard range. Gun Club members still use the facility.n In 1994, the Tulsa Trail Riders off-road motorcycle club hosted an International Six-Day Enduro event, which had rarely been held outside of Europe. Enduro events are still held at the ranch with the Zink Ranch National Enduro. Darton Zink, has continued the family tradition of philanthropy and community volunteerism.

We are grateful to Darton Zink and the John Zink Foundation for the privilege of being able to be use the Zink Ranch for the Osage Passage.