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Malcolm McCollam

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Brad Spear

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Carlos Romero

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Bob Goddard

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Clare Paniccia

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Charley Lingerfelt

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Janelle Whitt

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McQuade Creative

Andy Wheeler

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Darton Zink
Marlon Goodwin
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John Steele
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Austin Boardman

Board of Trustees

Amanda Blair

Amanda Blair is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has strong ties to her home state. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and a Master's degree in Public Administration, both earned from the University of Oklahoma. Since 2005, Blair has built her career at Expo Square and the Tulsa State Fair, serving as the Chief Operating Officer.
Blair places great importance on fostering a collaborative team environment, emphasizing creativity and professionalism. Her goal is to make a lasting positive impact on the Tulsa community. In addition to her professional pursuits and involvement with the Tulsa Tough Board, she actively contributes to the Leadership Tulsa and Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma Boards, finding joy in giving back to her community. Thriving in fast-paced settings, Amanda Blair firmly believes that education is an ongoing process that never truly ends. She enjoys outdoor activities, has an affinity for corgis, and is constantly on the lookout for the perfect slice of pizza.

Greg Phillips

Greg Phillips and his wife Kathy have raised three grown children and relocated to Tulsa on three separate occasions throughout his 32-year career with ONEOK and ONE Gas. Having retired, Greg now enjoys cycling whenever his schedule allows and takes pleasure in encouraging friends and family to rediscover the joys of cycling. Additionally, Greg actively serves on the board of the Tulsa Wheelmen, which is Tulsa's longstanding cycling club and race team. He finds great satisfaction in being part of this organization. As for his involvement with Tulsa Tough, Greg sees it as a premier event in the national bike racing scene. Having volunteered for several years, he is delighted to now serve on the board, contributing to the continued success and growth of Tulsa Tough's well-established tradition.

Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin O'Sullivan has been an avid cyclist for over 35 years, all while fulfilling his role as a father to his son and daughter, who are now competitive cyclists. As a retired business leader, Kevin has an extensive local and national volunteer leadership background. When he's not volunteering, he's often cycling and enjoying coffee stops along the way.
Kevin's enthusiasm for Tulsa Tough stems from his deep passion for the event's mission: to elevate the profile of Tulsa and promote active lifestyles. He strongly believes in these objectives and is dedicated to supporting them through his involvement with Tulsa Tough.

Kristi Prough

Kristi Prough finds solace and comfort in immersing herself in the pages of a captivating book or indulging in popcorn while enjoying a movie, particularly at the Circle Cinema. She deeply loves cycling and enjoys sharing the exhilaration of riding on well-designed singletrack or newly paved roads. Turkey Mountain holds a special place in her heart as a favorite cycling destination. Kristi prefers working behind the scenes, assisting individuals, causes, or events with achieving their objectives. She has dedicated the past 20 years to this pursuit at the local and state levels. She is driven by a passion for supporting and facilitating the success of others in reaching their goals, whether it be individuals, causes, or events.

Malcolm McCollam

Malcolm McCollam's love for outdoor exploration began during his childhood when his mom encouraged him to spend time outside. He eagerly ventured into drainage ditches, creeks, construction sites, parks, and other accessible places with his Western Flyer Sting Ray bike, which he purchased using his earnings from mowing neighborhood lawns. Transitioning to a Sears 10-speed bike in high school, he rode it to work at the Ranch Mart movie theatre, where he discovered the joy of night riding. After pursuing a career as a National Bank Examiner and graduating from law school, he relocated to Tulsa to practice law. In the early 1980s, he joined the Tulsa Wheelmen and is still an active member. Malcolm participated in bike races during the summers and running races in the fall and winter seasons. Throughout his involvement in the cycling community, Malcolm co-founded the Maple Ridge Run, organized the cycling portion of the initial Saint Francis Corporate Challenge, and co-founded the Saint Francis Tulsa Tough event. Having spent 20 years as both a rider and an organizer, he believes that his accumulated experience, including the lessons learned from mistakes, has positioned him to contribute to creating something remarkable. Malcolm feels grateful to be surrounded by a talented and energetic team that has helped shape Saint Francis Tulsa Tough into what it is today.

Mike Dodson

Mike Dodson has called Tulsa his home for over 50 years. He met his wife, Amy, while attending The University of Tulsa. Together, they were fortunate enough to raise two sons. Mike loves the outdoors, sports, traveling, and sharing good food and drinks with friends in fine restaurants. His passion for life and dedication to the Tulsa community led to the creation of Tulsa Tough in 2004. This event continues to be a significant force, making a difference in the lives of many individuals to this day. Mike's unwavering commitment to Tulsa Tough showcases his deep-rooted belief in the power of community and its positive impact on people's lives.

Ryan Barry

Ryan Barry and his wife Sara decided to settle in Tulsa 21 years ago and never looked back. Ryan is a physical therapist who played a crucial role in establishing Green Country Rehabilitation, a therapy staffing company. Later, the company was acquired by Heath Pro Heritage, where Ryan continues to work. Ryan cherishes traveling alongside his wife and their two children outside of his professional life. He advocates for an active lifestyle and frequently enjoys running and cycling with his friends. Since 2008, he has actively participated in Tulsa Tough, an event he holds in high regard due to its numerous benefits to the Tulsa community. Ryan's dedication to his work, family, and active pursuits showcases his commitment to making a positive impact professionally and personally. He strongly believes in the significance of events like Tulsa Tough in fostering community spirit and enhancing the quality of life in Tulsa.

Tonja Carrigg

Tonja Carrigg grew up in rural Southern Indiana, where she and her brother developed a passion for cycling while riding the dirt trails they crafted in their neighborhood. In 1986, she moved to attend The University of Tulsa. She immediately fell in love with the city's vibrant outdoor culture, particularly the charm of River Parks. At Tulsa's Oktoberfest in 1999, Tonja met her husband Tim, who shares her deep enthusiasm for cycling. Both Tonja and Tim lead active lifestyles that revolve around their love for cycling and their dedication to supporting local non-profit organizations and their respective festivals and events. They actively contribute their time and efforts to organizations such as the Tulsa Wheelmen, Tulsa's Oktoberfest, the Route 66 Marathon, and Saint Francis Tulsa Tough. Having been involved with Tulsa Tough since its beginning, Tonja and Tim are continually amazed by the profound impact this grassroots event has had on their lives, the local community, and even beyond the borders of Tulsa. They cherish the opportunities it provides and are grateful for its lasting influence on them personally and the broader community.

Vince Trinidad

Vincent Trinidad, originally from Arizona, is a proud alumnus of the University of Arizona. He is happily married to Joanne Frinell, and they are the proud parents of two sons and one daughter. Vincent's passion and enthusiasm for sports have taken him on a remarkable career journey through various locations, including the Southwest, Pacific Northwest, South, and Oklahoma. Apart from serving on the board of Tulsa Tough Inc., he also holds a position as a board member of Leadership Tulsa, where he actively contributes to the organization's goals and initiatives. When he's not working, Vincent and his family love to embark on exciting adventures, exploring the fascinating experiences and attractions within the region. They enjoy discovering new places, trying new activities, and creating lasting memories together.

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