What to expect

There are two seasonal sweet spots in Osage County: Spring and Fall. But Spring still has a manic quality. It could be a perfect Spring day. Or it might pick up everything you own and throw it at the Port of Catoosa.

Therefore, Fall is the best time to get outside, ride a bike and camp out. That’s why we created Osage Passage.

While riding the scenic hills of Osage Passage is epic, camping creates core memories.  Campfires, eating s'mores, having an evening nightcap right before bed or however you do camping - these snippets of life create perfect moments. This will be what you remember.

Saturday morning: eat a smart breakfast or eat like a trash panda - you have free will - and fuel up on coffee before your grand departure.  Bathrooms are available in the pavilion and additional porta-potties will be onsite.

Saturday post-race/ride: Take a quick shower or try to win the “Iron Chamois” award. Where no one actually wins anything. We will have a late lunch / early dinner available that is included with your race registration.

Saturday evening: the most relaxed part of the weekend and the most fun. Stare in amazement as the Osage Passage XL riders come in various states of disrepair. Relax and listen to music. Or sit around and crack up at the stories that fly around of what just went down. These stories and these experiences are the community we seek.  Oh, there’s also the matter of a camp full of people in various stages of caloric deficiency. So feel free to make your own dessert to share with friends.

Or head back home because you have chores you are looking forward to doing. Said no one ever.  (We’d rather you stay and have fun, tbh.)

Sunday morning: it is the last morning of camping.  Get up, make your coffee or tea - fry an egg in a cast iron skillet and lay bets how long it takes for someone to tell you how to clean it or eat the food you forgot to on your ride yesterday - you have free will.  It is time to start packing.  Once you have your campsite packed up - consider the unofficial post-race recovery ride.  Find some riders and take off up Rock School Road to get your heart rate back up.  Then smooth pedal to the lake and then maybe turn around.  Make it a recovery ride with friends - old and new.  This is the community in which you belong. Enjoy!

Sunday noon: make sure to leave a clean campsite and head back home.  Make sure to tip your camp host -- just kidding, it is all included!

*While we love our beer sponsors, if you have a few beers you want to throw in the beer canoe to share, we welcome it. It can be a few or a few dozen. Sharing is caring. And these shared discoveries usually have a pretty good story and start a few more.


Friday, Oct 6

8:00 AM - XL Gravel begins the 301 distance

12:00 AM - Venue opens for tent and RV camping

4-6:00 PM - Registration and packet pick up in pavilion

6-9:00 PM - Live Music

Saturday, October 7

6-8:30 AM - Coffee provided by DoubleShot Coffee

8:30 AM - Gravel races begin (All distances)

1-6:00 PM - Post ride meal for riders

The Eagleton BBQ menu includes: smoked pulled pork, smoked beef sausage, potato salad and another side + condiments.

6:00 PM - DJ music

Sunday, October 8

7-9:00 AM - Campers cooking breakfast and having copious coffee

9-11:30 AM - Unofficial recovery ride if anyone wants to ride outside of the ranch

2:00 PM - Campground closes

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