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We’ve taken some artistic liberty with naming the routes after types of gravel merely to convey difficulty. The names are NOT the type of gravel you will be riding. The Osage Passage gravel is primarily crushed white chat, highly rideable even in the rain. These roads are not the tire-eating Flint Hills. We have generally experienced few flat tires in previous rides.

That said, this is gravel, so be prepared because anything can happen out there and there is no SAG support!

Aquarium (14 miles)

For those wanting a more relaxed experience, the Aquarium route offers an excellent tour of Zinc Ranch, 3 miles of gravel and some undulating tarmac. Serious photo op potential. Serious cool vibe potential as well. Leave your scuba gear at home. You will not be riding underwater. Hopefully.

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River (40 miles)

More miles means more fun! The River Gravel ride means you are more comfortable with longer rides. Or just want to take it easy for the entire weekend. We get that. There are going to be a few doing the longer rides wishing they chose this route afterward. Trust us.

Good news: There is only 25 miles of Osage gravel.
Not as good: There’s over 2,000’ of climbing.

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Quarry (61 miles)

People need more equilibrium in their lives. That’s why we made the Quarry route nearly half gravel and half paved. This is a great day out on the bike that will make you run a whole gamut of emotions. Gravel rides this long guarantee something will go wrong. And that something will assuredly also go your way. It’s all about equilibrium in the Quarry.

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Crusher (101 miles)

This is the distance for the Osage County Championship. You are going to feel this ride in the part of your soul that has been longing for more epic stuff to do. You are going to also feel this in the part of your body that sits on the bike. This distance will be physically challenging but what most don’t realize is that it’s more of a mental challenge. You have to keep your wits if you want to make it. This is the route that you’ll smile about for years to come. And will make for some pretty funny stories around the campfire that night.

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County Championship Rules

  • Participants in the 103 Mile Championship Route will be eligible for a County Championship

  • Award categories: (male and female) Overall Winner, Under 18, 19-29, 30-39,  40-49, 50-59, 60+, Single Speed, Tandem

  • All age group winners receive a custom County Championship jersey from Eliel Cycling

  • To be eligible to win a County Championship jersey you must be registered for the 103 route

  • Start-Finish is at the Zink Ranch, 7716 Zink Ranch Rd, Skiatook, OK 74070

  • Race will be scored by chip time, not gun timeRiders will start in waves, self-seeding according to expected average miles per hour

  • First wave will leave at 9:00 a.m. with subsequent waves leaving at 30 second intervals

  • First mile is neutral, timing mat is at the end of the first mile

  • The race is self-supported; however, aid may be accepted from other riders

  • No Support Vehicles are allowed on the course unless you are “pulling the plug.” If a support crew is found to be on course, that rider will be immediately disqualified from the event.

  • There will be no gear drops and only a few aid stations on the course (see route sheet on RideWithGPS). Bring a few dollars to use at C-Stores on route to replenish if needed.

  • Online registration closes at 5:00 pm, Wednesday, September 28, 2022

  • Riders will start according to estimated speed inside the ranch.

  • The course is not marked, download GPS files for the route you registered for.

XL (301 miles)

Dude. We didn’t name this one after a type of gravel because it’s more of a boulder. There are separate rules for this. There is a separate start time for this. There is a certain type of beautiful lunacy to this. Superlatives fail.

People talk about doing epic things all the time. There are few who actually do. This is an epic adventure. Truly.

For XL racers only

Event leaves Zink Ranch heading northwest into southern Kansas. The route is Super Scenic and is approx 300mi. This event would start on a Friday morning around 8am and you ideally you would finish around 4pm to 6pm Saturday evening. (~30hours estimated time). Super heros might finish faster depending on conditions.  There will be C-Stores on the route, as well as 2-3 camping spots you could pause for a nap as needed. Entry includes GPS tracking rental.  If you have your own InReach or Spot Tracker, please email gravel@tulsatough.com for a discount coupon. The only qualifications for this event would include proper gear (lights), experience with riding at least a gravel century prior to attempting this event and a designated support person to assist in the event of a mechanical. Thursday evening and Saturday night camping is included.

All XL riders will also fill out an additional "Follow My Challenge" form. Rented trackers will be issued and returned to Osage Passage to simplify logistics.

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