• Participants in the 103 Mile Championship Route will be eligible for a County Championship Award Jersey

  • County Championship Award categories: (male and female) Overall Winner, Under 18, 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+, Single Speed, Tandem

  • Start-Finish is at the Zink Ranch, 7716 Zink Ranch Rd, Skiatook, OK 74070

  • Race will be scored by chip time, not gun time

  • Riders will start in waves, self-seeding according to expected average miles per hour

  • First wave will leave at 9:00 a.m. with subsequent waves leaving at 2-minute intervals

  • The race is self-supported; however, aid may be accepted from other riders.

  • No Support Vehicles are allowed on the course unless you are “pulling the plug.”   If a support crew is found to be on course, that rider will be immediately disqualified from the event.

  • There will be no gear drops and only a few aid stations on the course (see route sheet on RideWithGPS.)  Bring a few dollars to use at C-Stores on route to replenish if needed.

  • The course will be marked inside of Zink Ranch but will not be marked outside the ranch so print a map, use a computer or bring your smartphone and add the RideWithGPS App.  If you are riding the 18mi course, you can navigate without a computer or app but maybe this is your time to practice using it?

  • Aid Stations/Rest Stops:

  • Please remove cycling gloves while in the aid station. 

  • Riders are required to sanitize hands prior to picking anything up and before they depart the aid station. 

  • Please mask up at Aid Stations!

  • Online and on-site registration available

  • What Race Distance should I choose?  In order to have everyone safely off the gravel course by 5pm, we recommend the following Average Speed Minimums for your safety navigating during the daylight.













Online registration closes at 5:00 pm, Wednesday.

  • Non-championship distances will start in waves following departure of the last Championship wave

  • The overall course is not marked, follow your cue sheet or download GPS files here https://www.tulsatough.com/osage-passage

An Insider’s Guide to Osage Passage Gravel – Zink Ranch Recon

By: Malcolm McCollam

In late July, I had the privilege of doing a recon ride on the private ranch portion of the 2021 Osage Passage Gravel course designed by Gravel Race Director, Charley Lingerfelt, Brad Spear, and Carlos Romero.

In designing the new route, we took elements from some of our favorite events which included the Rock Cobbler in Bakersfield, CA (a self-described “stupidly hard ride bordering on a race”); the Mid-South, Stillwater, OK (“some of the most rugged, daunting, beautiful and memorable roads in the Oklahoma wilderness”); and the DK, Emporia, KS (“the character of the gravel was changing all the time” Rebecca Rusch).

When we put them all in a blender and hit “puree”, what we got was what you’ll get to experience October 2. Here are my ride notes. Be forewarned.

The Route
Riders will stage near the pavilion just off Zink Ranch Road. The course begins about as ridiculous as it can – with a completely vertical mile. It’s all on pavement and averages 4% with a maximum pitch of 13.6%.

Once to the top, you take a right turn, cross over a cattle guard, and begin a 4.5 mile“gravelish” loop. It begins innocently enough with what appears to be a pretty typical gravel road. Then it gets real. The terrain is a mixture of natural grassland and rolling sandstone typical of the area.

I rode the entire route on a cyclocross bike with no issues. My bike has rim brakes outfitted with 38 mm Challenge Gravel Grinder tires with tubes. A tubeless set up would be better. I have a 1 x 10 with 36 x 28 being my smallest gear combo. A few less gear inches might have been nice on some of the loose climbs. If you are riding only the short course which consists of the Zink Ranch lands exiting onto Wildcat Hill Road and back to the ranch (an 18 mile loop), a mountain bike would be a good choice.

The loop finishes by popping you back out near the paved road, but you don’t rejoin the pavement. A gravel road parallels the paved road for a short traverse before you cross it and head down a loose, rocky descent (10% sections) to an earthen dam at the southernmost point of Skiatook Lake. It’s worth stopping to take a snapshot . . . or to prepare for the climb you are about to encounter (loose with 12% sections).

Some wide-open range land awaits as you finish the Zink Ranch portion of Osage Passage before you pop out (Gate 11 for the locals) onto Wildcat Hill Road aka Rock School Road.

All told, the distance inside the ranch is 12 miles. Don’t let that number fool you, though.

By the time you hit the open gravel roads of Osage County, you’re going to know you’ve accomplished something. This is a unique and special place and I hope everyone will drink the whole experience in and enjoy the challenge.